The Killing Vote Ep 8 (Preview, Release Date, Where To Watch & More)

The Killing Vote has been getting a lot of positive reviews from K-drama watchers and is the talk of the town.

Based on the webtoon “Gukminsahyeongtupyo,” penned by Um Se Yoon and brought to life through Jung Yi Pum’s illustrations, the series is masterfully adapted for the screen.

With Jo Yoon Young at the helm as screenwriter and Park Shin Woo directing, the fusion of thriller, mystery, and horror elements promises an unforgettable viewing experience

The fans of this K-drama series are highly curious to find out more about The Killing Vote Episode 8.

the killing vote episode 8

Here are all the details you need to know.

DirectorPark Shin Woo
WriterJo Yoon Young



The K-drama delves into a dystopian premise where heinous criminals evade conventional justice. When these offenders slip through the cracks of the legal system, an unconventional form of justice prevails.

Should more than half of the respondents favor capital punishment, the ominous “Dog Mask” steps in—an enigmatic figure operating in the virtual realm. As tension escalates, a trio of central characters becomes embroiled in this high-stakes game.

Leading the charge is Kim Moo Chan, the formidable leader of the First Investigation Team at the Southern Police Agency. His unwavering pursuit of justice collides with the enigma of “Dog Mask.”

Alongside him is Kwon Seok Joo, a former renowned legal scholar who took matters into his own hands after his daughter fell victim to a rapist. His personal vendetta took a turn when he surrendered himself to the authorities.

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Completing this dynamic trio is Joo Hyun, a seasoned police officer with five years under her belt at the Cyber Safety Bureau of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Each character brings a unique perspective, adding layers to the enthralling narrative.


Main RoleActor
Kim Moo ChanPark Hae Jin
Kwon Seok JooPark Sung Woong
Joo HyunIm Ji Yeon
Min Ji YoungKim Yoo Mi
Choi Jin SooShin Jung Keun
Lee Min SooKim Kwon

Release Date

The Killing Vote Episode 8 is scheduled to be released on September 28, 2023.

Where To Watch The Killing Vote Episode 8

You can watch The Killing Vote Episode 8 on the official streaming Amazon Prime site.

Where To Download The Killing Vote Episode 8

The Killing Vote Episode 8 is available to download offline using the official Amazon Prime account.


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