CEO-dol Mart Ep 8 (Preview, Release Date, Where To Watch & More)

CEO-dol Mart also known as Boss-dol Mart is an upcoming K-drama that has been making waves in the industry.

Director Lee Yoo Yeon and screenwriter Jang Kyung Rim masterfully blend elements of business, comedy, and drama, offering viewers a well-rounded and engaging viewing experience.

The fans of this K-drama series are highly curious to find out more about CEO-dol Mart Episode 8.

ceo dol mart episode 8

Here are all the details you need to know.

DirectorLee Yoo Yeon
WriterJang Kyung Rim



This K-drama follows the journey of the Thunder Boys, a popular K-pop group facing an unexpected challenge.

Their talent agency, struggling with financial difficulties, leaves them in charge of a failing supermarket.

Led by Choi Ho Rang, alongside members Shin Tae Ho, Jo Yi Joon, Eun Young Min, and Yoon Sang Woo, the boys must navigate unfamiliar territory, trading in dance moves for stock-taking, and microphones for cash registers.

The juxtaposition of glitzy K-pop and the everyday grind of a supermarket creates a delightful and humorous narrative.

The group’s journey to revive the struggling store while reigniting their musical careers is both heartwarming and entertaining.


Main CastCharacter
Lee Shin YoungChoi Ho Rang
XiuminShin Tae Ho
Hyung WonJo Yi Joon
Choi Jung WoonOh Ye Rim
Choi Won MyungEun Young Min
Lee Sae OnYoon Sang Woo

Release Date

CEO-dol Mart Episode 8 is scheduled to be released on October 06, 2023, alongside Episode 7.

Where To Watch CEO-dol Mart Episode 8

You can watch CEO-dol Mart Episode 8 on the VIKI and TVING official streaming site.

Where To Download CEO-dol Mart Episode 8

CEO-dol Mart Episode 8 is available to download offline using the official VIKI and TVING accounts.


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